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The VIT has compiled definitions for our most frequently used terms, government departments and regulatory bodies. If you are unable to find a specific term in this list, please contact us.



As part of the process for moving to full registration, provisionally registered teachers / early childhood teachers (PRTs) are required to find a mentor to help guide them through VIT’s Inquiry process. This mentoring support is central to the development of new teachers and those who have been out of the teaching profession for an extended period of time.

The VIT recommends a registered teacher who has participated in a VIT mentor training program (Effective Mentor Program or other program) act as the mentor. Where it is not possible to be supported by a VIT trained mentor, a PRT may work with an experienced colleague who holds full registration with VIT. However, there should be a VIT trained mentor on their workplace recommendation panel.


Misconduct is the conduct of a teacher occurring in connection with the practice of teaching that is of a lesser standard than a member of the public, or members of the teaching profession are entitled to expect from a reasonably proficient teacher.

See also Serious misconduct

Music instruction

Sometimes referred to as 'instrumental instruction', music instruction may count as professional practice if it takes place within a classroom setting. Small group or sessional instruction can only count as professional practice for teachers and ECTs who hold full registration as part of the annual registration process.

Mutual recognition

If a teacher is currently registered interstate or in New Zealand, or accredited in New South Wales, and want to teach in Victoria, they need to register with VIT under the Mutual Recognition process via their MyVIT account.

The teacher will be granted registration in line with the registration they hold in the other jurisdiction.


MyVIT is a secure online portal for accessing your registration information and services. Your MyVIT account will help you keep track of your application, complete your annual renewal and maintain your personal information.

Your MyVIT username is the email address VIT has on file for you.