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The VIT has compiled definitions for our most frequently used terms, government departments and regulatory bodies. If you are unable to find a specific term in this list, please contact us.


Workforce shortage

Where there is a workforce shortage, a school may seek a grant of permission to teach (PTT) to fill the role. The employer/school must provide evidence that there is a workforce shortage for this position and subsequent positions.

The evidence must include a declaration by the principal stating that the workforce shortage exists and that no qualified registered teacher is able to fill the position. A workforce shortage declaration should be specific and detailed, explaining

  • the ways the school tried to find a qualified teacher (including evidence that the position was advertised in state-wide media in the last 3 months and information about unsuccessful candidates)
  • any ongoing difficulties filling similar positions
  • the school context (size, location, remoteness, staff retention)
  • any known shortages in the subject area
  • other factors which make the position difficult to fill (small time fraction).

See also PTT.

Working With Children Check (WWCC)

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a screening process for assessing and re-assessing people who work with or care for children in Victoria.

The WWCC is administered by WWCC Victoria and is governed by the Worker Screening Act 2020 (previously the Working with Children Act 2005).
The WWC Check includes considering the person’s criminal history and relevant professional conduct findings.

WWC exclusion

Previously known as a 'negative notice', a Working With Children (WWC) exclusion indicates that a person has made an application to Working with Children Check Victoria and they have been refused a Working with Children Check. It means that the person is not permitted to engage in child-related work.
VIT must refuse the application (or cancel their registration) if the person has received an exclusion. Prior to making this decision, VIT will provide the person with an opportunity to provide further information and documentation relating to the WWC exclusion.