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Employer satisfaction survey progress report

In order to continuously improve the way in which the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) delivers its regulatory functions, we utilise feedback on VIT’s processes, communications and actions. 

In a satisfaction survey sent to over 2,300 principals and 4,000 early childhood managers last year, employers spoke their minds and we listened. So, what did we learn? Results have allowed VIT to gauge what we are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

We are committed to being responsive and to resolving issues as they arise. Following the survey, the below actions have been undertaken. This is not an exhaustive list, but it shows that we are taking your feedback seriously. 

Actions Due Status Details
Restructure the Principal and Early Childhood circular calendar and combine content to reduce the frequency of communications as well as accommodate bite sized content with links to news articles housed on the VIT website (similar to Professional Practice newsletter). January 2023 Complete
  • Principal Circulars reduced from 18 editions (2022) to 6 editions (2023) per year
  • EC Circulars reduced from 14 editions (2022) to 6 editions (2023) per year
  • circular templates redesigned to accommodate articles and convenient quick links
  • average open rate for Principal Circular increased by over 3.5% in the last 12 months
  • average open rate for EC Circular increased by over 4.5% in the last 12 months.
Develop a suite of email templates and phone scripts to assist the Teacher Engagement and Registration Officers to communicate quickly and clearly with employers, ensuring the correct information is provided in all correspondence. January 2023 Complete / Ongoing
  • new suite of templates / scripts covers a range of frequently requested topics including initial applications, provisional registration, annual registration, PTT (COVID-19), nationally coordinated criminal history checks (NCCHC) etc.
  • templates / scripts embedded into contact centre staff workflows and regularly checked for QA 
  • templates / scripts will continue to expand as new policies and processes develop.
Continue to resource telephone hotlines with priority over email, ensure staff training and support levels remain high, and conduct regular QA of email responses and principal / early childhood hotline calls. January 2023 Complete / Ongoing
  • improved teacher registration and engagement rates
  • despite 15% increase in call and email volumes during the period, VIT is maintaining 
    • average 96% answer rate for Teacher and Principal Hotline calls (call wait time: 49 seconds for Principal Hotline and 83 seconds for Teacher Hotline)
    • average email response rate of 2 business days (including emails that come in after hours).
Continue to offer PTT seminars for principals and other school staff to better understand the requirements. June 2023 Complete / Ongoing
  • delivered 6 x educational PTT webinars to Victorian schools, TAFEs, RTOs and PTT (VET) applicants (with more webinars scheduled for 2023 and beyond)
  • developed a range of PTT resources including news items, fact sheets, FAQs and videos.
Develop a stronger PTT policy and ensure a strong communications campaign supports key changes. December 2023 In progress
  • PTT policy updated to include provision for non-school senior secondary and foundation secondary providers
  • Policy team formed to work on all policies, including PTT.
Develop a communications campaign that clearly explains VIT’s role as a teacher regulator (including legislative requirements for VIT, teachers and employers). December 2023 In progress
  • Employer Pack sent to all employers in May 2023 - webinars due to be scheduled in the coming months.
Develop a range of infographics / mind maps to illustrate specific regulatory functions, including the teacher registration process, and how they are funded. December 2023 In progress
  • Employer Pack sent to all employers in May 2023 - webinars due to be scheduled in the coming months.
Engage our website developer to refine the search function parameters to ensure only relevant information is generated as well as examine alternative drop-down menu options. December 2023 In progress
  • brief provided to website developer with scope of works to be completed by December 2023
  • website development has commenced and on track for completion.
Targeted campaign to employers regarding the importance of keeping abreast of VIT content and keeping contact details current. March 2024 In progress
  • email and postal correspondence issued to principals in March and April 2023 with the action to update contact details
  • email and postal correspondence scheduled for early childhood managers in 2024.
We've vaslty improved registration and engagement rates
Performance measure 2020 - 2021 2021 - 2022 2022 - 2023
Total application assessment time 12.5 weeks 4.3 weeks 3.8 weeks
Call answer rate – teachers’ hotline 53% 97.8% 95.7%
Call answer rate – principal hotline 79.2% 97.4% 96%
Average call wait time – Teacher hotline 40+ minutes 38.4 seconds 83.4 seconds
Average call wait time – Principal hotline 25+ minutes 39.6 seconds 49 seconds
Average email response time 6 weeks 2 business days 2 business days
Verification and POI Verification of Identity Form

Interested in how we are committed to being responsive to the needs and concerns of teachers? Read the 2022 teacher satisfaction survey progress report for a summary of the actions we have undertaken as a result of the 2022 teacher satisfaction survey.

While the last employer satisfaction survey was issued in May 2022, future employer satisfaction surveys will be issued annually in November. The survey results will be published towards the end of the year and a progress report will be available to all stakeholders prior to the next survey being issued the following November.

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