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Employer satisfaction survey progress report

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) seeks to support principals and early childhood managers with their teacher registration requirements. We are committed to being responsive to their needs and concerns, and to resolving issues as they arise.

In order to continuously improve the way in which VIT delivers its regulatory functions, we utilise feedback on VIT’s processes, communications and actions.

An employer satisfaction survey was sent to over 2,300 principals and 4,000 early childhood managers in May 2022. Results have allowed VIT to gauge what we are doing well, identify what areas need to be improved and evaluate suggestions for improvement across our website, circulars and newsletters, administrative and permission to teach (PTT) processes.

The following actions have been undertaken to address areas for improvement regarding VIT’s communications and processes.

No. Actions Due Status Details
1 Engage our website developer to refine the search function parameters to ensure only relevant information is generated as well as examine alternative drop-down menu options. December 2023 In progress
  • brief provided to website developer with scope of works to be completed by December 2023
2 Restructure the Principal and Early Childhood circular calendar and combine content to reduce the frequency of communications as well as accommodate bite sized content with links to news articles housed on the VIT website (similar to Professional Practice newsletter). January 2023 Complete
  • Principal Circulars reduced from 18 editions (2022) to 7 editions (2023) per year
  • EC Circulars reduced from 14 editions (2022) to 6 editions (2023) per year
  • circular templates redesigned to accommodate articles and convenient quick links
3 Targeted campaign to employers regarding the importance of keeping abreast of VIT content and keeping contact details current. December 2023 In progress
  • email and postal correspondence issued to principals in March and April with the action to update contact details
  • email and postal correspondence scheduled for early childhood managers late 2023
4 Develop a suite of email templates and phone scripts to assist the Teacher Engagement and Registration Officers to communicate quickly and clearly with employers, ensuring the correct information is provided in all correspondence. January 2023 Complete / 
  • new suite of templates covers a range of topics including initial applications, provisional registration, annual registration, PTT CCOVID-19 and NCCHC
  • templates will continue to expand as new policies and processes develop
5 Continue to resource principal and early childhood hotlines with priority over email, ensure staff training and support levels remain high, and conduct regular QA of email responses and principal / early childhood hotline calls. January 2023 Ongoing
  • improved teacher registration and engagement rates (see data below)
6 Continue to offer PTT seminars for principals and other school staff to better understand the requirements. June 2023 Ongoing
  • 4 x educational webinars scheduled for June 2023
7 Develop a stronger PTT policy and ensure a strong communications campaign supports key changes. December 2023 In progress
  • preliminary review of policy commenced
8 Develop a communications campaign that clearly explains VIT’s role as a teacher regulator (including legislative requirements for VIT, teachers and employers). December 2023 In progress
  • Employer Pack sent to all employers in the coming weeks, Employer Pack webinars due to be scheduled in the coming months
  • planning sessions scheduled for October 2023
  • collaboration sessions (all VIT branches) scheduled for November 2023
9 Develop a range of infographics / mind maps to illustrate specific regulatory functions, including the teacher registration process, and how they are funded. December 2023 In progress
  • Employer Pack sent to all employers in the coming weeks, Employer Pack webinars due to be scheduled in the coming months
  • planning sessions scheduled for October 2023
  • collaboration sessions (all VIT branches) scheduled for November 2023
Teacher registration and engagement rates
Key performance indicator 1 July 2020 – 3 Feb 2021 1 July 2021 – 3 Feb 2022 1 July 2022 – 3 Feb 2023
Total applications (excluding annual registration) approved between 1 Jul - 1 Feb  4,238 6,684 8,116
Average assessment times 12.5 weeks 5.5 weeks 5.75 weeks
Initial registration applications with a teaching position outstanding on 1 Feb 689 112 197
Total initial registration applications outstanding on 1 Feb 2,175 329 691
Total annual registration applications outstanding on 1 Feb 3,863 252 557
Total permission to teach (PTT) applications outstanding on 1 Feb 158 75 115
Percentage of PTT (Pathway) applications approved before 1 Feb 92% 99% 96%
Call answer rate 59% 99% 95%
Total calls received 76,107 46,000 39,779
Average wait time on Teacher Hotline 40+ min 1.4 min 2.36 min
Average wait time on Principal Hotline 25+ min 0.73 min 1.06 min
Annual registration expiries ~ 2,600 2,719 2,184
Annual registration fee suspensions ~1,300 969 672

While this employer satisfaction survey was issued in May 2022, future employer satisfaction surveys will be issued annually in October. The survey results will be published towards the end of the year and a progress report will be available to all stakeholders mid-year, prior to the next survey being issued the following October.

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