Moving to (full) registration

To move from provisional to (full) registration, you need to:

  • have taught for a total of at least 80 days in one or more Australian or New Zealand schools or early childhood (EC) services; and
  • provide evidence that you have met the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) at the Proficient Teacher level using the inquiry approach.

Moving to (full) registration flowchart  

The inquiry approach 

The inquiry approach is used to gather evidence that you have developed your knowledge and practice to meet the Australian Professional Standards for teachers at the Proficient level. 

Learn more about the inquiry approach

The recommendation process

Once your evidence has been gathered, you'll need to present this evidence to a recommendation panel. The panel assesses your documented evidence of practice and makes a determination whether you have met the standards and their descriptors at the Proficient Teacher level. The panel chair then completes a recommendation report.

Learn more about the recommendation process.

Mentors supporting provisionally registered teachers

Access information and resources for mentors.

Seminar information 

Access a range of information and additional resources to help you better understand the process.



Download a poster PDF, 158.13 KB designed to guide you through the process.    

Read guide PDF, 1991.88 KB


Watch videos

We break down the process of moving from PRT to (full) registration. 

You can also watch a teacher with over 30 years’ experience answer FAQs.